A New Era... / by Dan Crossland

A few months ago FormLabs/Pixologic contacted me about using the dancer model I sculpted a while back. They wanted to 3DPrint her to showcase their latest Form2 printer and use the process for their marketing material.

I originally made the dancer back in 2009 for Gnomon Workshop. I was surprised that they wanted to use something that was originally just a sketch that I hadn't touched for years.
She needed some cleanup and prep for print but actually this was pretty minimal.  It was nice that she still had that appeal.

Form 2 Labs kindly set me one of the test prints, which I received this morning. I'm really happy with how it came out. It measures 18cm and the detail is great given how delicate it is. She will need some light sanding and polish, which will be my next step, then a coat of acrylic. 
The potential for this printer is exciting.

Getting this figure 3D printed has been great research for a new project that I am working on, which I am very excited about. The new project should complement my Artistic Anatomy course with Mold3D. More on this coming soon!

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